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Archive of Trickster (2). 2022. for Reflections of a River. 


This work was created for National Indigenous Media Arts Coalition's project in partnership with VUCAVU We Come Together.

Archive of Trickster weaves together kaya’s observations of physical and digital archival imagery relating to projects of urbanization at the mouth of the Humber. Working with personal interactions with the land as an archive themselves*, the way they exists in the present, the indications of how they once were and how they would like to become (again). 


This is the second project kaya has created under this title, inspired by Octavia Butler’s unwritten book “Parable of the Trickster”. Harnessing tools embedded in visionary and speculative fiction, world building and ancestral storytelling practices, this video collage of footage explores archives informed by land as sites of transformation. In this project, kaya a.k.a ‘spyke’, embodies the energy of a trickster, a being who moves outside of linear temporality and binary, to engage with “the archive” as an embodied experience of place. 


*land as multifaceted being with agency

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