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Little Revolutions in Humus, 2021, premiered at BigArtTO 2021 

Fungi is one of our oldest ancestors. They heal organisms in countless ways, acting as a vital form of communication for ecosystems, transforming all that they touch. In her speculative fiction novel Parable of the Sower, Octvia Butler writes: “All that you touch, you change, all that  you change, changes you, the only lasting truth is change, God is change”. Fungi teaches us that all things have the ability to transform, but not without collective contribution, reciprocal relationships and honoring change as a constant life force. Little revolutions in humus is a compilation of footage I captured in 2020, during a camping trip in Algonquin Territory currently known as Bancroft, collaged with a looping animation illustrating the life of a shapeshifter spirit. The ambient track is also collaged, patching together field recordings from throughout my journeys in T’karonto. This film is a love letter to several of my teachers; fungi, the diverse ecosystems of T’karonto and Octavia Butler. They show me infinite reflections of how to be in relationship with adaptation and change, and forge pathways towards futures of abundance.

still from BigArtTO 2021
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